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优德88手机版-优德88俱乐部-优德88客户端下载 is the premium domain extension for both recognition and flexibility, giving businesses and consumers alike the opportunity to navigate, communicate and promote themselves on the internet whilst combining a British identity with worldwide appeal.
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优德88手机版-优德88俱乐部-优德88客户端下载 Registrar: Domain Monster
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A 优德88手机版-优德88俱乐部-优德88客户端下载 is a great way for website owners to develop trust amongst UK visitors and drive traffic from UK search results.
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Jonathan Brealey (Co-founder)
优德88手机版-优德88俱乐部-优德88客户端下载 Registrar: Heart Internet
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Tea Party loves having a 优德88手机版-优德88俱乐部-优德88客户端下载 address! Shows we are based in the UK, proud and the com means.....yes, we mean business!! Also sounds rather nice....rolls off the tongue with ease.
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Samantha Check - www.teaparty.uk.com
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Having a 优德88手机版-优德88俱乐部-优德88客户端下载 web address means that we stand out from the crowd, and as we're all about originality, it is the perfect format for our online presence.
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Live and Unsigned - www.liveandunsigned.uk.com
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The .优德88手机版-优德88俱乐部-优德88客户端下载 namespace offers a great opportunity for any serious business catering to the UK. What better way to define your focus than with the dot com for the United Kingdom.
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优德88手机版-优德88俱乐部-优德88客户端下载 Registrar: ResellerClub
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A .优德88手机版-优德88俱乐部-优德88客户端下载 gives you an international domain with a British touch, a great choice for British Businesses that want to go global.
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优德88手机版-优德88俱乐部-优德88客户端下载 Registrar: Namesco
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优德88手机版-优德88俱乐部-优德88客户端下载 offers consumers and businesses a domain that is not only local to the UK but also has all the advantages of being seen as a global player. 优德88手机版-优德88俱乐部-优德88客户端下载 has natural appeal for all manner of corporate and public uses within the UK.
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优德88手机版-优德88俱乐部-优德88客户端下载 Registrar: 123reg

2 Character Domains:
Short, valuable, memorable and rare...

2 Character Domains are now available on a first come, first served basis. Offering everything you want in a domain name and more, these bite-sized bits of powerful internet real-estate even allow you to get your initials in a web address. We can't wait to see if Kylie beats Kate to km.uk.com - now that Kate Middleton won't be needing it of course.

All premium names now available, including:

ok.uk.com, do.uk.com, so.uk.com, my.uk.com and hundreds more.

If you want to stand out with a memorable web address and enable customers to find you easily, this is the domain name for you. A 2 Character Domain is the ultimate investment piece, and a fabulous birthday or commemorative gift for those who have it all.

Visit one of our registrars today to secure your favourite 2 characters in a 优德88手机版-优德88俱乐部-优德88客户端下载 domain name.

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优德88手机版-优德88俱乐部-优德88客户端下载 is Carbon Neutral Certified

Carbon Neutral Certified

优德88手机版-优德88俱乐部-优德88客户端下载 Awards:
The Winner Takes It All...

We always knew that selecting one overall 优德88手机版-优德88俱乐部-优德88客户端下载 Awards winner would be no mean feat, so we surrendered the grueling task to our expert judging panel who left no stone unturned in scouring and scoring each and every one of the 24 finalist websites. Rating everything from concept to execution, including functionality, innovation and design, our elite group of technology, media and business specialists slowly narrowed the final lineup of lateral thinkers and creative leapers using 优德88手机版-优德88俱乐部-优德88客户端下载 domains down to just one!

Congratulations MoreThanWords.uk.com for wooing the judges and taking out first honours in the inaugural 优德88手机版-优德88俱乐部-优德88客户端下载 Awards! Double congratulations for becoming the recipient of the £5000 cash prize.

The big cheque presentation: Left - Right, CentralNic & 优德88手机版-优德88俱乐部-优德88客户端下载 CEO, Ben Crawford, More Than Words Owner (aka 优德88手机版-优德88俱乐部-优德88客户端下载 Awards winner), Lisa Long, and 123-reg Managing Director, Thomas Vollrath.
Click here to read more about our finalist: MoreThanWords.uk.com